Who we are and what we do

MainMark is a flexible and agile engineering consultancy company. We develop, design, execute and coach our clients through their complex challenges in their businesses. We follow a three step approach. In step one we analyse by metrics and create a profitable business case. Step 2 is the action step; here we  work in a project, Agile, PMI or as a change process in Lean-TOC/CCPM to realise the business case. In step 3 we realise the change, organisations and teams need to change, need to now the change and need to adapt the change.

Our Projectmanager will take leadership in every step, he (or she) will coach, guide en support the people involved to make the change and achieve their goals. In the past decade, working on this concept en developing it further to excellence, we have seen excellent results, satisfied clients en happy users who profit from their investment in time and money to enjoy their improved building environments, industrial information technology and city infrastructure.

An important part of our strategy is that we create projectteams wherein our specialised staff seamlessly assimilate with the clients teams and personnel, to achieve the best possible and balanced group of people, achieving results beyond their imagination when they started.

Mark Ligthart, owner

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